Dr. Scott Beanland

Position: Chiropractor

Location: Leongatha

Bachelor in Health Science (Chiropractic) : Master of Clinical Chiropractic

Dr. Scott Beanland graduated from RMIT University, completing a Bachelor of Health Science (Chiropractic) and a Masters of Clinical Chiropractic.

Scott’s love for health developed from a young age. He has benefited from chiropractic care as a infant and has experienced first hand the amazing effects of regular adjustments, for himself and his family.

Being very fitness orientated and growing up by the beach in Southwest Victoria, he has a very keen interest in all outdoor sports. Particularly surfing, swimming and cycling.

Scott is enthusiastic about caring for families, children and babies while integrating a range of chiropractic techniques with nutrition, exercise and lifestyle advice.

Scott has a deep passion for chiropractic that can be reflected throughout all aspects of his life. He strives to educate his patients on the importance of a healthy spine and nervous system, whilst delivering outstanding chiropractic care to the community.


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