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Todd clinics supports your health and wellbeing by providing facilities for chiropractic and natural health practitioners to work together in the one facility, so that they can collaborate to provide you with patient centered care. 

Todd Clinics was founded by Chiropractors Wayne and Angela Todd, is a fun, passionate and family-oriented group of high-quality chiropractic and natural health practices throughout Gippsland. 

Driven by the vision to build high quality and innovative chiropractic practices combined with other complementary natural health practitioners, Todd Clinics offer these natural health care choices to adults, children and babies throughout Regional Australia. Many of our chiropractors have pursued post graduate training in their field of interest, on top of their five year university chiropractic training.

In Australia, almost 10% of the population have chiropractic care for themselves or their family. We are happy to provide centres where there is access to chiropractic, massage therapists, psychologists, naturopaths, exercise physiologists and even podiatrists, all in the one place.  We hope you enjoy visiting a centre near you and encourage you to explore all of the services we have to offer.

With our passion for constant learning and sharing, Todd Clinics also partner with Todd Education an online learning portal for chiropractors and chiropractic assistants, as well as budding chiropractic researchers. Many of the chiropractors at our facilities aim to foster professional development by providing clinical mentoring to final year chiropractic students via our affiliations with RMIT University. We also support spine and brain research by donations to research organisations. Angela Todd has undertaken several years of PhD studies through Monash University, publishing peer reviewed papers in the world's highest ranking chiropractic journal, investigating the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic care for infants and children.  Wayne Todd has post graduate training in chiropractic functional neurology, and with his 28+ years of clinical experience, has written a book on Sympathetic Dominance called the SD Protocol. When he is not treating patients in the practice, Wayne lectures to other practitioners on the topic of SD protocol and speaks internationally. 

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